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Advantages of the EV Brake Assist System

Pulished on Aug. 04, 2019

As an Electric Brake Booster Manufacturer, let's share with you the advantages of the EV Brake Assist System.

1. Save electricity and extend battery life: increase the vehicle's cruising range nearly doubled. Since the current used is about half that of a pure electric vehicle, damage to the battery due to large current discharge is avoided.

2. Set the system afterburning function: According to the user and controller - the matching of the motor can be changed: the compensation amount of the torque parameter and the compensation amount of the kinetic energy parameter;

3. Repeat setting: According to the size of the different users, let the user set the ride while riding, to achieve the humanized operation to meet the needs of different customers.

4. General motor controller: brush/brushless, high speed/low speed, 24V/36V controller - common for motor systems.

5. Universal installation: Bicycle sprocket crank with D-type center axle.

EV Brake Assist System

EV Brake Assist System

6. The design concept of the modular combination: the function combination can be carried out according to the requirements of the user. (such as instrument components, intelligent dual control, speed control, etc.).

7. Auxiliary force switching function: with three-speed auxiliary force ratio switching (with energy display small instruments 25%, 50%, 75%);

8. The safety of the EV Brake Assist System is good: the maximum speed limit can be set according to the transmission ratio of the whole vehicle (for example, 25 km/h is not applied); when the speed is high, the power supply can be gradually reduced.

9. Sleep function interface: The instrument component is equipped with a vehicle sleep function interface: when the whole vehicle stops running for 5 minutes, there is a sleep state signal output.

10. Strong anti-interference ability: It can work normally in turbid water.