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Application Of Electronic Vehicle Water Pump

Pulished on Apr. 18, 2019

As an EV Brake Booster Vacuum Pump Supplier, let's talk about the application of electronic car water pump.Electronic vehicle water pumps, many new energy vehicles, motor homes, buses and other special vehicles are often used for water circulation, cooling or on-board water supply system. Features: DC brushless motor, long life; can work continuously for 24 hours / day; Durable permanent magnet rotor and high-precision ceramic shaft; advanced magnetic drive technology, static sealing, no leakage; motor optimized design, minimal temperature rise; polarity protection, overload protection, stall protection; special design rubber installation The bracket can be well used for the vibration working conditions of the automobile; the special electronic component design can be applied to the high peak voltage or unstable voltage appearing in the power supply mode of the automobile; the professional automobile waterproof terminal; low or zero maintenance; low power consumption.

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