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Introduction Of EV Brake Booster Pump 2

Pulished on Mar. 21, 2019

As an EV Brake Assist System Factory, NEV will introduce the working principle of the new energy electric vehicle brake booster pump.

Vacuum booster pumps are the type used in most models on the market. The boost function is achieved by the difference in air pressure on both sides of the diaphragm inside the booster pump. The inside of the 

booster pump is connected to the "atmosphere" near the driver's side, and the air pressure is "atmospheric pressure"; the inside of the booster pump is connected to the "intake manifold" near the engine

compartment, and the air pressure is the air pressure of the intake manifold (negative pressure) . When the brakes are not applied, the front and rear chambers on both sides of the inner membrane of the booster 

pump are connected. Since the two chambers are equal in air pressure, no boosting action is produced. When the brake is applied, the internal closing mechanism isolates the front and rear chambers of the brake 

booster pump. Due to the difference in air pressure between the two cavities, the atmospheric pressure acts on the film inside the Brake Booster Vacuum Pump to assist. Assuming that the film leaks, causing the front and rear chambers to become equal, the brake boost will weaken or even disappear. At this point, the user will feel the brakes "hard" and need a lot of effort to get enough braking power.

Since it is a brake booster pump, it must be a component on the brakes, and it plays a major role in braking. For the question "Why can't the car be stepped on the brakes?", the corresponding answer: After the 

flameout, the brake boost will not work. For naturally aspirated engines, the vacuum that creates the boost is derived from the throttling of the intake manifold throttle. For turbocharged engines, the vacuum comes 

from the vacuum pump. Therefore, the vacuum can only be generated when the engine is running. After the flameout, the vacuum source is no longer continuous, and there is no way to provide assistance.

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