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What Kind Of Brake Boost System Does The EV Use?

Pulished on Mar. 12, 2019

With the continuous development of new energy vehicles in recent years, people have raised many questions in the process of accepting new things. Recently, many friends who have an understanding of the structure of the automobile system have asked that new energy vehicles have brakes. ? As a company that produces the EV Brake Assist System, we will introduce you to the braking system of the EV today.

Brake assist system is an indispensable configuration of modern vehicles. At present, the brake boosting system of the fuel car mainly uses a vacuum boosting system, which uses the vacuum environment of the engine intake pipe to push the vacuum booster to brake, making the brake lighter and the driver It is a relatively mature system without effort. Such a more important system is definitely equipped on the new energy vehicle. It just works differently.

New energy vehicles mainly use two kinds of brake systems, one is EV Vacuum Power Brake. With electric power as the power, the electric vacuum pump is used to solve the problem of power source, and the electric vacuum pump not only works on pure electric vehicles. It can be used on both hybrid and traditional power models, and the representative model has Tesla, the leader in electric vehicles. The second type is the electronic assist brake system, which is a motor that directly drives the brake pump without vacuuming.

At present, the vacuum boosting system is also the mainstream brake boosting mode for new energy vehicles. The electronically controlled braking system is not particularly perfect compared to the vacuum assisting system, but it can effectively avoid the safety of the vacuum assisted braking system after the engine is turned off. Hidden dangers are undoubtedly the direction of future technological development and the most suitable brake boosting system for new energy vehicles.

In short, the new energy vehicle has the same mature technology as the fuel vehicle in the brake boost, only the power mode is different.

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