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Brake System Maintenance Introduction

Pulished on Apr. 10, 2019

Brake oil has water absorption, that is to say, the brake oil will absorb the moisture in the air, causing the boiling point of the brake oil to drop, and it has certain corrosiveness. The cup and the piston in the brake master cylinder will corrode and deteriorate, further causing the brake oil component. Changes occur, long-term use will cause the brake system to malfunction.

As an Electric Brake Booster Manufacturer, we recommend that the brake oil be replaced every 40,000 kilometers or three years. If it is a wet area, the brake oil replacement cycle needs to be advanced, even 20,000 kilometers can be considered for a change.

The replacement of brake oil is different from other ones. Be sure to empty the air when replacing the brake fluid, otherwise you will face the risk of brake failure.

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For the maintenance of the brake system, do not completely hope for the indicator light of the instrument panel. When the general indicator light is on, it indicates that the wear has exceeded the limit and the damage has been generated. The maintenance of the brake system should only be delayed in advance, otherwise the maintenance cost will increase, and the hidden dangers will be much greater.

For the maintenance of the car should be daily, rather than waiting for the car to have problems to come to the maintenance, then it will be more troublesome to maintain, so we still have to maintain their own car, so not only eliminate some safety hazards, It also makes the car last longer.

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