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What Causes Insufficient Braking Force?

Pulished on Mar. 06, 2020

Recently I always feel that the car can't stop. Later, I checked the reason and found that the brake fluid had not been changed for a long time. After changing the new brake fluid, the car's braking performance returned to normal levels.

As a performance indicator related to life safety, braking is always good or bad. We must always be vigilant. In this issue, the EV Brake Assist System Factory summarizes 5 reasons that may cause the braking force to drop, and the new owners will refer to it.

Brake Booster Vacuum Pump

Brake Booster Vacuum Pump

In the first case, the brake fluid has not been changed for a long time. Brake fluid, also known as brake fluid, is a functional fluid that has a shelf life just like motor oil. Generally speaking, the brake fluid needs to be replaced once every two years, because over time, some moisture and air will enter the brake fluid, which will reduce the boiling point of the brake fluid and reduce the braking performance due to the rise in oil temperature during emergency braking.

As for the number of kilometers, this should be based on the maintenance manual. Some cars change for 40,000 kilometers and some change for 60,000 kilometers. The quality of the brake fluid varies between different models, so it cannot be generalized. I also want to remind everyone that the brake fluid cannot be mixed. Different brands of brake fluid may react after mixing, generating impurities and generating air, which will affect the braking force.

In the second case, the brake fluid gets into moisture and air. This sounds the same as the first case, but it is not. The first case is the natural deterioration of the brake fluid, while the second case is that water and air enter the brake fluid due to human error or harsh environment. Otherwise, for a long time, a large amount of water vapor will enter the brake fluid, which will seriously affect the physical properties of the brake fluid.

In the third case, the exhaust performance of the Brake Booster Vacuum Pump is reduced. Now, with the popularization of in-cylinder direct injection and turbocharging technologies, most cars are equipped with independent vacuum booster pumps to evacuate the vacuum booster to form a vacuum. However, sometimes when the engine load is relatively heavy, such as when the air conditioner is turned on in the summer, the exhaust strength of the engine will weaken.

This creates a situation where the degree of vacuum in the vacuum pump is insufficient. When you brake continuously, the braking force of the first foot is sufficient, and the braking force of the second foot and the third foot will decrease. The solution is to install an electronic vacuum booster pump. In the case of insufficient engine air extraction, the electronic booster pump can assist air extraction to ensure sufficient vacuum in the vacuum pump.

Of course, for older models without a vacuum pump, an electronic vacuum booster pump can also be installed to ensure the vacuum in the brake booster according to the specific situation. Our company also has EV Vacuum Brake Booster Kits on sale, welcome to consult.