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How to Determine if the EV Vacuum Pump is Leaking?

Pulished on Feb. 15, 2020

As an EV Brake Assist System Factory, share with you.

EV Vacuum Pump

EV Vacuum Pump

1. Check whether the gravity return water of the EV Vacuum Pump speed-regulating feed pump can lead to the condenser. If the amount of return water is small and the water seal bag cannot seal, the gravity return water of the feed pump seal water should be poured into the trench.

2. Check that the vacuum damaged door is closed without leaking.

3. Check whether the local of the vacuum pump's extraction pipe connected to the cylinder can leak air. Here the leaked air decreases the vacuum when the load decreases, and the vacuum rises slightly after the load increases.

4. Check that the water drain valve on the steam side of the condenser is closed without leaking.

5. Check whether the water level of the low-pressure heater under normal pressure is normal and whether the drain door is tight.

6. Check that the water level gauge in the vacuum system is not cracked or leaking.

7. Check whether the water seals, pipes, flanges or welds of the vacuum system valves are not tight, especially the pipes and valve ports of the expansion tank or boiler start separator to the condenser.

8. Check the vacuum pump low-pressure cylinder exhaust safety valve is not lacking, no suction.

Periodic inspection of vacuum pump

First, the main technical performance of the vacuum pump meets the design requirements or meets the process requirements, and the auxiliary equipment is complete; the equipment runs smoothly, the sound is normal, there is no overheating, and the seal is good.

Second, the rotary vane vacuum pump equipment lubrication system is intact, the lubricating oil quality meets the requirements of the regulations, and regular inspections and oil changes. Various instruments (such as vacuum gauges, etc.) indicate correct values and regularly check; each valve is flexible to open and close, sealed well, and there is no leakage; the pipeline is leak-free and regularly checked. The motor is reasonably equipped, running normally (temperature rise and sound is normal), the electrical circuit is safe and reliable, there are grounding protection measures, the electrical device (control cabinet) is reliable, the electrical instrument indication is correct, and the safety protection device is complete. Equipment and cooling system facilities are clean and rust-free. The water ring vacuum pump cooling system is operating normally, the cooling device is intact, the drainage temperature does not exceed the specified requirements, and there should be a water cutoff protection device. Generally, the working fluid used is water. Third, in most water ring vacuum pumps, the operating temperature is about 15-20 ° C, which depends on the temperature of the supplemental water. In fact, the ultimate pressure of the water ring pump is not very important, because different liquids, when the pressure is lower than 50-60hPa, cavitation will occur, and the pump components will be damaged.

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