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What Is The Difference Between An Electric Car Brake System And A Fuel Car? 2

Pulished on May. 07, 2019

As an Electric Brake Booster Manufacturer, we continue to explore the difference between electric vehicle brake systems and fuel vehicles. The new EHB system converts the driver's action on the brake pedal into a travel position electrical signal, and the brake boost controller controls the motor to give the torque required for the brake boost to the master cylinder. The master cylinder drives the hydraulic system to transmit braking force to the ABS/ESP brake anti-lock/electronic stability system controller. The ABS/ESC then distributes the braking force to four wheels depending on the condition of the vehicle.

The brake pedal connection pedal stroke sensor is connected to the brake master cylinder Main Cylinder with the shut-off valve and the stroke simulator hydraulic circuit (yellow). The electronic control unit controls the DC brushless motor to control the brake circuit (red) connected from the cylinder Slave Cylinder and the VSA brake electronic stability system through the reduction gear and the ball screw structure. The feedback from the pressure sensor determines the disconnection and communication between the master cylinder and the slave cylinder hydraulic circuit, thereby distributing the brake torque to the entire electrohydraulic brake system.

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The specific brake torque is distributed by the servo electro-hydraulic brake system brake pressure control. The logical relationship is that the target brake pressure demand will be sent to the pressure control unit, and the Feed-forward output is fed through the feedforward control. The control target is then given by the feedback control feed-back module in conjunction with the pressure sensor output signal Pressure sensor output. Then, the motor angle control unit and the motor position sensor output signal Resolver output are given to the motor control voltage signal to control the motor rotation.

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