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Is The Efficiency Of Kinetic Energy Recovery Of Electric Vehicles Related To Speed? 1

Pulished on May. 11, 2019

When buying an electric car, we will actually find that many electric vehicles have a function called kinetic energy recovery. The purpose of kinetic energy recovery is to convert the kinetic energy of the car into electric energy and to improve the cruising range of the vehicle. In fact, kinetic energy recovery has become a standard device. As a Vacuum Brake Booster System Factory, let's talk about how kinetic energy recovery works. In fact, in simple terms, kinetic energy recovery is to convert the kinetic energy of a car into a power recovery power battery. Is the kinetic energy recovery efficiency related to speed?

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Speaking of this, it still needs to be based on the composition and work of the kinetic energy recovery device. It is composed of an energy storage system and an auxiliary electrical system. When the vehicle needs to decelerate, the drive motor is converted into a generator to work, and then the vehicle is decelerated. Drive the generator to generate electricity, so that electricity is recycled into the power battery. Is efficiency and speed related? In fact, its conversion efficiency is unlikely to reach 100%, that is to say, it is also impossible to approach the vehicle, 100% efficiency of recycling, because the vehicle only automatically recovers energy when decelerating, but for In terms of electricity, even if the recovered high-power electricity is used to drive the motor, it is difficult to convert all the power into electric energy into the battery in a short time according to the characteristics of the current battery. In order to be considered for safety, once the speed is fast, and the upper limit of the battery power is exceeded, then it is necessary to intervene in time through mechanical system.

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