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Is The Efficiency Of Kinetic Energy Recovery Of Electric Vehicles Related To Speed? 2

Pulished on May. 23, 2019

As an EV Vacuum Pump Factory, we continue to talk about whether the efficiency and speed of electric vehicle kinetic energy recovery are related.

In fact, the faster the speed of the vehicle, the faster the speed of the generator. Of course, when the kinetic energy is recovered, the kinetic energy recovery system is required to be involved in the process of deceleration, so it is difficult. It is estimated that the speed will become faster and the power of the generator will become larger. In fact, when it comes to the kinetic energy recovery control system of the vehicle, the generator is energized to start generating electricity, and the force opposite to the rotation of the vehicle wheel is generated.

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According to the current road conditions, the change of the speed of the vehicle is also different, so the power generated by the generator in different road conditions is different. In other words, the faster the speed, the greatly reduced the effect of electric braking, because The voltage of the battery electrode needs to be equal to the voltage delivered by the charging circuit. If it is fast, it will definitely limit the current flow. Of course, from another angle, there is a part of the mechanical brake, so the kinetic energy recovery efficiency. It's hard to relate to the speed.

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