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The Trend of Electric Vehicles Subverting Traditional Cars has been Reflected

Pulished on Aug. 29, 2019

At present, around the field of new energy vehicles, there are more pure electric vehicles, fuel cell vehicles, and intelligent network. These are precisely the encouragement directions for the early adjustment of China's new energy vehicle policy.

Objectively speaking, the development path set by many countries around the world around new energy vehicles is to focus on breaking through hybrid power and then gradually transforming pure electric vehicles. However, it is worth noting that many well-known car companies around the world have begun to focus on pure electric vehicles as a transformational focus, which reflects the far-reaching impact of the world's electrification technology.

Electric Brake Booster

Electric Brake Booster

Different from other countries, China has chosen a unique path between pure electric drive and conventional hybrid power to select a new energy vehicle development route with the pure electric drive as a breakthrough. From the perspective of many countries in the world that have begun to transform and develop pure electric vehicles, the direction of the development of new energy vehicles in China is correct.

In the transformation of the automobile industry, one of the backgrounds facing China is that ordinary hybrid technology is relatively backward. If you follow this road, you may only be a follower. It is a more reasonable choice to enter from the new field of pure electric vehicles. In fact, China has indeed achieved a corner overtaking because of pure electric technology.

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