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EV Vacuum Pump Application Status and Enterprise Structure Analysis

Pulished on Dec. 20, 2019

Vehicle driving safety is an important issue in the design and development of automobiles. Therefore, how to ensure that the automobile braking system has a good vacuum boosting performance is increasingly important. Vacuum braking systems are mainly used in turbocharged engines, vehicles with automatic transmissions, and electric vehicles. The vacuum boosting effect of the braking system is related to the driving safety of the car.

EV Vacuum Pump

EV Vacuum Pump

In the automobile brake assist system, the Vacuum Brake Booster System cannot obtain a vacuum or the obtained vacuum is insufficient, which will result in a poor boost effect of the brake system.

EV Vacuum Pump can monitor the change of vacuum in the booster through the vacuum sensor, so as to ensure that the driver can provide sufficient boosting effect under various working conditions.

Application status of electric vacuum pump

For electric vehicles, the engine is replaced by an electric motor, and there is no vacuum source available for the booster, that is, it cannot produce a boosting effect.

Obviously, the vacuum booster at this time cannot provide the driver with the necessary assistance guarantee. The safe driving of the electric vehicle has become a problem that must be solved, and the electric vacuum pump can solve this problem well through the detection of the sensor and the logical judgment.

The use of electric vacuum pumps can ensure that the vacuum in the booster is maintained at a certain level, providing good braking efficiency for the car and ensuring the safety of the car.

According to structural differences, electric vacuum pumps can be divided into three types: diaphragm type, vane type, and swing piston type.

Each type of electric vacuum pump has its own advantages and disadvantages and use characteristics. The three types of electric vacuum pumps are widely used at present. According to different requirements, such as booster volume, service life, noise conditions, and cost requirements select the appropriate type.

At present, vane vacuum pumps have the advantages of small size, no need to consume engine energy, and stable performance. They are small-displacement cars and hybrids below 1.8T in the future. They are the first choice for pure electric vehicles. They are in line with new lightweight technologies, new processes, new trends.

In the long run, the electronification of the braking system will be a major trend. Whether it is an electric car or a traditional fuel car, this technology will become an important development direction. At present, leading foreign parts and components companies have mature products. At a glance, Public Consulting will continue to analyze the technology and market trends in the field of new energy automotive parts in subsequent reports.

The most core part of the electric vacuum pump is the vacuum source pump chamber. Because it is a safety part, it has extremely high requirements. It must pass an extremely strict salt spray test, vibration test, pressure test, temperature shock test, temperature alternation test, and mechanical shock. Test, endurance test, etc. We are EV Brake Booster Vacuum Pump Supplier, welcome to consult.