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What are the EV Vacuum Pump methods that are regularly inspected?

Pulished on Sep. 19, 2019

  Faced with the EV Vacuum Pump on the market, the quality difference of the products is different. The company takes advantage of the strength of production to increase the reliability of product quality. The vacuum pump enhances the overall improvement of all aspects of product use, and takes the production base as the strength. Expand the effective development of its product applications, thereby accelerating the improvement of the overall product capabilities, the ability to do a good job in product management, and strictly control the production capacity of each process, which has a positive effect on the development of products.

  So as an EV Vacuum Pump Factory, let me introduce you to the method. The main technical performance (vacuum degree, etc.) of a vacuum pump meets the design requirements or meets the process requirements and the auxiliary equipment (condenser, etc.) is complete; the operation is stable, the sound is normal, there is no overheating, and the sealing is good.

EV Vacuum Pump

EV Vacuum Pump

  Rotary Vane Electric Vacuum Pump equipment lubrication system is in good condition, the lubricating oil quality meets the requirements, and regular inspection and oil change. Various instruments (such as vacuum gauges) indicate correct values and are regularly checked; each valve is flexible to open and close, sealed well, and has no leakage; the pipeline is leak-free and is inspected regularly. The motor is equipped properly, the operation is normal (temperature rise and sound are normal), the electrical circuit is safe and reliable, there are grounding protection measures, the electrical device (control cabinet) is reliable, the electrical instrument indication is correct, and the safety protection device is complete. The equipment and cooling system are clean and rust-free. The water ring vacuum pump cooling system is operating normally, the cooling device is intact, the drainage temperature does not exceed the specified requirements, and there should be a water shutoff protection device. Generally, the working fluid used is water. The energy of the uniaxial vibrating screen applied to the rotor impeller is received by the liquid and transmitted to the compressed gas, thus causing the temperature of the water ring to rise. Part of the water in the water ring is compressed with the gas to remove the pump. Most of the heat generated during the compression process is taken away. Therefore, it is necessary to continuously replenish fresh water so that the operating temperature of the water ring pump can be kept constant.

  In most water ring vacuum pumps, the operating temperature is about 15-20 ° C, depending on the temperature of the water being replenished. In fact, the ultimate pressure of the water ring pump is not very important, because different liquids will cavitation when the pressure is lower than 50-60hPa, and the pump parts will be damaged. When the pump approaches the ultimate pressure, the pumping speed is very low and the water at the pump inlet begins to boil. When turned to the outlet of the pump, the bubbles formed to begin to rupture. This produces a lot of noise, and the pump's drive wheel and pump chamber are gradually broken. This phenomenon is often referred to as cavitation. Once cavitation occurs, a small amount of fresh air is introduced through the small valve. Vibrating slab, In this case, a small hole is made in the entrance official road to quantitatively add some fresh ones. If a gas ejector is used, cavitation will not occur.