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Causes and solutions for high temperature in EV Vacuum Pump

Pulished on Nov. 06, 2019

  The fan speed is low, the wind pressure and the air volume are small. The motor has large power, large working current, and large heat generation. The number of fan blades is small and the amount of wind-generated is small. The bus voltage of the EV Vacuum Pump motor is 380V. Due to the cable voltage drop and uneven load distribution, the actual voltage applied by the motor is only 365V. The low voltage causes the operating current to be large. The motor is dusty and oily, which reduces heat dissipation.

Causes and solutions for high temperature in EV Vacuum Pump

EV Vacuum Pump

  Solution: The motor power and speed are matched with the vacuum pump and cannot be changed. The fan is mounted on the motor spindle. The motor speed determines the fan speed and cannot be replaced. Although increasing the number of fan blades can play a certain role, but after the number of blades increases, the dynamic balance is not easy to find. If the alignment is not good, the vibration of the motor will increase. The original fan cover is lengthened by 40cm and an axial fan with the same diameter as the fan cover is installed inside. The axial fan motor power is 850W, the speed is 1489r/min, and the voltage is 380V. The original fan continues to be retained. The axial flow fan clothing school has another power supply control, and the axial flow fan is not interlocked with the main motor. After the vacuum pump is started, the axial flow fan is started on time. The axial flow fan is stopped 30 minutes after the vacuum pump is stopped, so that the main motor is fully cooled; the dust on the motor is regularly removed, the heat sink of the motor is kept clean, and the heat dissipation capacity is increased; The voltage is adjusted to 400V.

  The vacuum pump can also clean the oil pollution

  After checking one by one, the vacuum pump can take measures such as repairing the bottom valve, removing the fouling material, correcting the steering, cleaning the impeller, and the like. The screw pump vibrates violently: the electric motor may be unbalanced, or the coupling may be poorly coupled, the bearing may be worn and bent; or some parts may be loosened or broken; perhaps because the pipe bracket is not strong. It can be handled by adjustment, repair, reinforcement, replacement, etc.

  One of the decisive factors in the rational selection of hydraulic pumps is the cost of the entire system. Compared with piston pumps, gear pumps have low cost, simple circuit and low filtration requirements. Options. For an Oil Free Vacuum Pumps For EV, you should first understand that any vacuum system is required for oil contamination.

  Through the expression of the strength of the vacuum pump, the overall performance and reliability of its products continue to promote its overall development, quality assurance under the development of continuous improvement of the overall application strength, and the products with the overall level of equipment to reflect the overall level of the product through the overall use The ability to play, improve the quality and strength to continuously promote the quality requirements and enhance the development benefits of its practical value.

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