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How Is The Lightweight Of New Energy Vehicles Realized?

Pulished on Jun. 21, 2019

With the increasing popularity of energy conservation and environmental protection, car lightweight has become a very hot topic. For the car, lightweight design is the main way to solve vehicle energy consumption, as well as environmental protection. In terms of lightweight vehicles, it is also one of the most basic technologies for the development of automobiles. The so-called lightweight is understood from the literal meaning of reducing the weight of the car itself, thereby improving the power of the car, reducing the consumption of fuel, and increasing environmental problems. Today, the escalating emission regulations are also the way for autos to save energy and reduce emissions.

The lightweight design can satisfy the weight reduction of the car not only for the traditional fuel vehicle but also for the new energy vehicle driven by electricity. How is the lightweight of the new energy vehicle realized? As an EV Vacuum Pump Supplier, let's talk to you today.

In general, there are three main ways to achieve the lightweight body, namely the structure of the car and the technology of the material and the production of the car. First of all, the performance of the new energy vehicle, in terms of materials, is the main way to achieve a lightweight vehicle. For electric vehicles, the demand for lightweight materials is even more urgent. Some of the most common materials in automobiles today include aluminum alloys, magnesium alloys, and even carbon fiber. Of course, aluminum alloy materials are also one of the most common lightweight materials in automobiles, such as Toyota, Audi, BMW, and other aluminum bodies. Very good examples, such as Tesla uses an all-aluminum body, 90% of the structural parts use aluminum alloy, and even for vehicles, aluminum alloys are commonly used in chassis and powertrain components to reduce the weight of the vehicle.

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In fact, it is optimized from the overall vehicle design structure to achieve safety and performance requirements with less material and weight. The lightweight design of the body structure is the main way to be considered practical. Reducing the body of the car, the weight of the frame reduces the total weight of the car and is an important way to reduce the weight of the car. Lightweight can significantly reduce the energy consumption rate of new energy vehicles.

Due to the requirements of electric vehicles for cruising range, the demand for lightweight materials is more urgent. In general, lightweight has become a trend. Without affecting the strength of the car body, the use of more aluminum alloys, magnesium alloys, engineering plastics, etc. can help reduce the weight of the car body, resulting in longer cruising range.

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