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Learn These 5 tricks to Keep Your Electric Car Away from Spontaneous Combustion

Pulished on Jul. 03, 2019

In the recent two months, several spontaneous combustion incidents have once again pushed electric vehicles to the forefront. In fact, according to the statistics of many related institutions at home and abroad, the self-ignition probability of electric vehicles is lower than that of fuel vehicles, so everyone should not worry too much about the safety of electric vehicles. How to prevent self-ignition of electric vehicles is still a knowledge point that many car owners need to learn. EV Vacuum Pump Factory will teach you a few tricks today.

1. Beware of the damaged battery case

The outer casing is the first line of defense for the battery pack. The investigation of the Weilai ES8 spontaneous combustion incident in Xi'an in April this year showed that the battery case of the car was severely impacted and deformed, eventually causing a short circuit inside the battery pack. In addition, Tesla has also experienced many fires after hitting the vehicle on a global scale.

2. Check cell consistency

Battery pack performance is a typical shortboard effect. Simply put, battery pack charging and discharging efficiency, heat generation, etc. depending on the battery with the worst performance in the battery pack, which is why the current car companies emphasize battery packs. 

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3. Avoid overcharging

The probability that the battery pack will fail under a long period of high power will increase. When the lithium battery is overcharged, lithium dendrites are formed near the negative electrode. This substance can break through the positive and negative electrodes inside the cell, causing a short-circuit fire.

4. Be careful of circuit aging

The self-ignition of fuel vehicles is mostly caused by the aging of electrical and oil lines, and electric vehicles also have such hidden dangers. At the same time, the high temperature and high humidity environment in summer will also accelerate the corrosion of metal parts. Therefore, it is best for you to check the harness status in the engine compartment from time to time, especially the joint position.

5. Be cautious through the water section

In summer, there is not only an unbearable high temperature, but it is inevitable that everyone will encounter some water-storing sections when driving out. The fuel car engine may enter the water pocket when it encounters the water surface, while the electric vehicle wading is at risk of shorting the battery water.

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