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Differences Between NEV And Conventional Vehicles In Braking Systems

Pulished on Mar. 14, 2019

As an EV A/C Compressor Factory, let us explain the difference between the new energy vehicle brake system and the traditional energy vehicle.

In a conventional fuel vehicle, when the driver steps on the brake pedal, the vacuum booster will help the driver to push the brake oil through the master pump into the pump, thereby pressing the brake pad and the brake disc through relative friction. Play the role of decelerating the vehicle. In the entire brake system, it can be said that the vacuum booster plays a very important role.

That is, after opening the hood underneath, this firewall on the front of the driver looks like a black disc of "iron pot". Without its assistance, when the driver steps on the brake pedal, the push rod will still squeeze the master pump oil chamber, but compared with the internal oil pressure, it is difficult to obtain a significant braking effect by manpower alone. It feels very difficult to step on the brake pedal.

The Brake Booster Vacuum Pump for fuel cars, whose vacuum is supplied by the engine. In the current new energy vehicle market, although the brake system structure of each brand model is not the same, it is generally necessary to give up the original mechanical hydraulic vacuum boost and switch to electrification control. That is the electronic vacuum booster pump.

The working principle of the EV Vacuum Brake Booster System is also not complicated. When the sensor detects that the vacuum of the booster is insufficient, the vacuum booster pump can be used to maintain the vacuum environment of the booster to provide assistance to the driver. The brake system is related to driving safety, and the requirements for components of the electronic control system are more stringent. Some research institutes believe that electronic products are not good in terms of quality stability and service life, and are not suitable as the only parts that provide a vacuum system for the brake system.

EV Vacuum Brake Booster System