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Why Is New Energy The Best Carrier For Autonomous Driving? 1

Pulished on Jun. 03, 2019

In recent years, we have clearly felt that there are more and more new energy vehicles. These new energy vehicles are more or less equipped with autonomous driving technology. Why is the new energy vehicle the best carrier for autonomous driving technology? As an EV Brake Assist System Factory, let's analyze it with everyone.

New energy vehicles have three characteristics that fit well with autonomous driving technology. First, new energy vehicles are more electrified and use more energy. The important energy source of autonomous driving technology is electricity, and the new energy vehicle has a higher degree of electrification. It does not need to go through the oil-to-electricity process like a traditional car, and power protection is more perfect. In addition, the pure electric vehicle has higher power efficiency, and the technical development of the internal combustion engine is close to the ceiling, and the efficiency improvement is limited. Automated driving technology has a large demand for electric power, and new energy vehicles are more suitable for autonomous driving technology in terms of energy efficiency.

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