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Precautions for Damage to the Brake Booster Vacuum Pump

Pulished on Jul. 25, 2019

As a Power Brake Booster Factory, let's share with you the precautions for damage to the booster pump.

1. Don't kill the steering wheel. When you kill the direction, immediately return to a certain direction. The oil pressure is very large, and it is often easy to leak the tube.

2. It is best not to go in the direction of the place, please do not give too much resistance to the booster pump.

3. Please correct the tires when parking. It is also important to note that China Brake Booster Vacuum Pump is generally premature. Most of them are just starting pipelines, the gaskets are oily, and it is very important to find pipeline leaks early. At this time, you only need to replace the tube, clamp, or gasket, and the cost is very low. If you don't know what to ask, don't understand it, don't see the leak in time, and finally, the oil leaks out, the booster pump rang, you can only change the EV Vacuum Pump, don't feel bad when you save money, don't know if you are yourself. Broken the booster pump.

EV Vacuum Pump

EV Vacuum Pump

In fact, more is to be able to take good care of the car in peacetime. Of course, if there is a long time, there will be some problems that will not be avoided. Therefore, the replacement should be properly replaced. I hope that our introduction can help everyone.