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Precautions for Pure Electric Vehicles when Driving on Rainy Days

Pulished on Aug. 20, 2019

As an EV Brake Assist System Supplier, we have the following recommendations for driving an electric car on a rainy day.

When the pure electric vehicle passes through the accumulated road surface, the depth should be no more than 30cm (the regenerative vehicle is no more than 15cm), and the control speed should not exceed 10km/h. At the same time, pay attention to whether the instrument has an alarm, drive carefully, ensure safety, and the wading vehicle reports insulation. The fault should be stopped immediately for maintenance. When the road area water exceeds 30cm, the vehicle must be changed lanes or suspended. It is strictly forbidden to pass. Beware of pedestrian bicycles, slow down and keep the distance; when the car is fogging, it must be cooled, the external circulation is better; the fog lights are always open to ensure safety, the headlights should not be used indiscriminately; when the vehicle breaks down, it is necessary to get off at speed, first safety. Guarantee; rescue trailers are required to drive the wheels off the ground.

Electric Vehicle A/C Compressor

Electric Vehicle A/C Compressor

What should you pay attention to when parking a pure electric car on a rainy day?

When the vehicle is not in use, try to park in an open space. Do not park in dangerous places such as low-lying areas, under trees, under high-voltage lines, fire sources, etc. The depth of water in the parking lot should not exceed 20cm. In case of battery watering, contact the depot or battery manufacturer.

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