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What is the Principle of Pneumatic Brakes?

Pulished on Sep. 06, 2019

As an EV Brake Booster System Factory, let's talk about the principle of pneumatic brakes.

The car brake system is also called the car brake system. The function of the brake system is to enable the running car to be forced to decelerate or even stop according to the driver's request; to stabilize the parked car in various road conditions (including on the ramp); to make the downhill car speed keep it steady. At present, domestic auto manufacturers use more front and rear drum brake systems on small and medium-sized finished goods vehicles. Some models are four-wheel disc brakes. Compared with drum brakes, disc brakes are more advanced in technology. The quality is lighter, and the heat dissipation performance, braking performance, and complex weather and road conditions are better.

EV Brake Assist System

EV Brake Assist System

The basic principle of the Vacuum Brake Booster System is that when the brake pedal is depressed, the pressure is applied to the brake fluid in the master cylinder. The liquid transmits pressure through the pipeline to the piston of each wheel brake caliper. The piston drives the brake caliper to clamp the brake disc. This produces a large amount of friction that slows down the vehicle.

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