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Separation of Car and Electricity, is it the Best Way out for Pure Electric Vehicles?

Pulished on Jul. 19, 2019

Pure electric vehicles are non-polluting and low-cost vehicles. Many people will consider pure electric vehicles as the object of choice when purchasing vehicles. Although pure electric vehicle technology is constantly being upgraded, the cruising range is constantly improving, but for For purely electric vehicles, there are still many obstacles to the development. The separation of vehicles and electricity may be the best way for pure electric vehicles to subsidize the era.

From the advantages of car separation, the price of pure electric vehicles is high. Among them, the power battery accounts for about half of the vehicle cost. In the later stage, the maintenance of the battery requires a certain cost. However, for the pure electric vehicle, the cost of the car can be reduced, at least the power is not required to be purchased. Batteries and power batteries are only rented. Especially in the after-generation of subsidies, the economic benefits will be highlighted, which will undoubtedly reduce the threshold for car purchases. Secondly, it is inconvenient to install charging piles and consumers who need to complete the replenishment quickly.

EV Fuse Factory believes that the separation of the vehicle and the electric, for the user, does not need to consider the impact of the charging time on its own travel, and does not need to worry about the adverse effects of the battery life of the vehicle, this will turn the battery into a gas The existence of the tank, when there is no gas, you need to hold the gas tank to inflate, and as a consumer, you only need to bear the gas, but for the gas tank, there is no need to buy it, because the whole cost includes The way to rent gas tanks is of course also a solution to the urgent need for eyebrows. Similarly, this is also suitable for use on electric vehicles.

EV High Voltage Fuse

In terms of the vehicle's battery safety, the battery is professionally maintained by a dedicated operator to ensure that the battery is always in an optimal state, ensuring battery safety and charging. On the whole, the separation of vehicle and electricity not only solves the problem of battery life and charging but also is a development path for electric vehicles in the post-subsidy era. Of course, the separation of vehicle and electricity is the best way for electric vehicles. The key lies in the need. To unify standards and formulate specifications, we can better break through the bottleneck of the electric vehicle industry.

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