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Why Is New Energy The Best Carrier For Autonomous Driving? 2

Pulished on Jun. 11, 2019

The Automobile Brake Booster System supplier continues to share with you why new energy is the best vehicle for autonomous driving.

The controllability of new energy vehicles is stronger. The internal combustion engine of a conventional automobile relies on fuel combustion to output power and then transmits power through the gear of the gearbox. There may be a power delay and a situation in which the power output cannot be accurately controlled. The new energy vehicle is driven by a motor, and the speed of the motor can be precisely controlled by controlling the magnitude of the current, and the speed can be linearly changed. Compared with internal combustion engines, the motor is more controllable and more convenient for more functions.

Finally, new energy vehicles are more malleable. Since the development of traditional cars, the overall structure has been relatively fixed, and there is not much space in the car to accommodate components such as sensors for autonomous driving technology. However, the new energy vehicles are more malleable and more modular in structure, making it easier to incorporate the hardware needed for autonomous driving.

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