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Vacuum assisted hydraulic brake system

Pulished on Mar. 30, 2019

The solution is mainly to increase EVP, PTS and air pressure sensors in the original hydraulic brake EV Vacuum brake booster system.

The role of the EVP is to provide a power source for the vacuum booster because the electric drive passenger car does not have a conventional engine and cannot provide vacuum for the vacuum booster. The vacuum booster cannot provide brake boost without vacuum. The system usually also has a vacuum tank for storing a certain volume of vacuum, which makes the system's vacuum more stable, while reducing the frequency of EVP startup and increasing the life of the EVP. PTS is mainly used to provide braking signals to the motor controller, effectively utilizing the brake idle travel for energy recovery and improve energy recovery.

The advantage of this system is that most of the components of the original braking system can be used, the implementation is convenient, the technology is mature, the system is stable, and the cost is low. The disadvantage is that the motor feedback braking force is directly superimposed on the original friction braking force, the original friction braking force is not adjusted, the energy recovery rate is low, and the braking comfort is poor. The poor braking comfort is not only the impact and smoothness of the coupling and switching of the motor feedback brake and the friction brake, but also in the plateau area. Due to the low air pressure, the EVP cannot provide the same high vacuum as in the plain area. The booster of the vacuum booster is poor and the pedal force is increased.

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EV Vacuum brake booster system