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What Should I do if the Brake Booster Pump Leaks?

Pulished on Aug. 14, 2019

As an Electric Brake Booster Manufacturer, let's talk about the problem of air leakage from the brake booster pump.

(1) The true power pump extracts the lowest degree of truth, and the extraction time is extended.

The cause of the failure: the viscosity of the lubricating oil is sufficient; the suction line is leaking; the parts are worn; the gap is increased.

Fault diagnosis and removal method: 1. Check the viscosity of lubricating oil. If it is qualified, it is necessary to replace the lubricating oil with suitable viscosity to ensure the viscosity of the oil; 2. Check whether each pipeline leaks. If it leaks, it needs to be replaced. Gas parts; 3. Check the wear and tear of the parts, wear or repair the worn parts or replace the new parts; 4. Check the lubricating oil pressure and meet the specified requirements.

EV Vacuum Pump

EV Vacuum Pump

(2) Brake Booster Vacuum Pump is full of pressure and air leaks.

Cause of failure: leaking seal ring

Troubleshooting and removal methods: Check the seal for wear and elasticity. If it is worn, replace it with a new one.

(3) Leakage at each interface of EV Vacuum Pump

Cause of failure: loose joint or damaged seal

Trouble diagnosis and removal method: Check the joint is loose. If it is loose, add sealant to tighten the joint; if the seal is damaged, you need to replace the new seal.