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Why can't the brakes step on?

Pulished on Jul. 13, 2019

If you often read the news of online cars, you will find that there are many cars with such problems. This problem is that in their braking system, there is a key component that causes the brakes to become very hard. Do not step on it, so that the brake distance becomes very long and a car accident occurs. This very critical part is called a vacuum pump.

Vacuum pump

The vacuum pump is simply a matter of using the principle of vacuum to generate a certain amount of force. This force is very large. But remember, be sure to keep it vacuum, and if it leaks, your brake system will be finished. It's like plugging a syringe with a piece of rubber. If you force the syringe, it will be very hard. When you let go, the piston will return to the previous position. The vacuum booster pump is such a principle, so it must have an internal vacuum to give the brake force.

If you open your engine compartment, it is difficult to find the vacuum booster pump because it is in a corner of the engine and it is really inconspicuous. But do you say it doesn't matter? That is very wrong. The importance of the vacuum brake booster system to the car has reached a critical level. Many vacuum booster pumps are very durable, but after a long time, they are likely to leak. If you feel that your brakes have no resilience, and it is soft, it is likely It has a problem.

However, many people say that when the car is not started, the brakes can not be stepped on. It is normal, because the brake system is not oily when the car is not ignited, so you step on it. After a while, I can't step on it anymore. But when your car starts, the brakes will get well, but when you suddenly step on the brakes, the vacuum booster pump may get stuck. You have more power and you won't step on it because you are fighting the air.