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What is the working principle of the new energy electric vehicle Electric Brake Booster?

Pulished on Jan. 03, 2020

Electric Brake Booster is the type used on most models on the market. The boost function is realized by the pressure difference between the two sides of the membrane inside the boost pump. The side of the booster pump is connected to the “atmosphere” near the driver, and the air pressure is “atmospheric pressure”; the side of the booster pump is connected to the “intake manifold” near the engine compartment, and the air pressure is the air pressure of the intake manifold (negative pressure) ). When the brake is not applied, the front cavity and the rear cavity on both sides of the inner membrane of the booster pump are connected. Because the pressure in the two chambers is equal, no boosting effect occurs. When the brake is pressed, the internal closed mechanism will isolate the front and rear chambers of the brake booster pump. Due to the air pressure difference between the two cavities, atmospheric pressure will act on the membrane inside the booster pump to generate a boosting effect. Suppose that the membrane leaks air, causing the air pressure in the front and rear chambers to become equal, then the effect of the brake boost will weaken or even disappear. At this point, the user feels that the brakes are "hard" and requires a lot of force to get enough braking force.

Electric Brake Booster

Electric Brake Booster

Since it is a brake booster pump, it must be a component on the brake device, which plays a significant role in braking. For the question "why the car can't step on the brakes when the car is off," the corresponding answer is given: after the car is off, the brake booster does not work. For naturally aspirated engines, and assisted vacuum is formed by the throttle effect of the intake pipe throttle. For turbocharged engines, the vacuum comes from a vacuum pump. Therefore, the vacuum can only be generated when the engine is running. After the flameout, the vacuum source is no longer sustained, and there is no way to provide assistance. The above is the entire content of the introduction of the new energy electric vehicle brake booster.

Electric cars and power batteries must be safety first, not mileage, and specific energy first. This concept must be changed and this policy must be changed. Then there is no need to increase the specific energy for a long time and increase the danger. The current battery index is an increase of one year. This battery is on the car without testing, which is very dangerous.

Electric Brake Booster Manufacturer's business direction must be changed: Under the marketization, it is necessary to reduce battery usage, improve safety, save energy and reduce emissions, and reduce car prices. Instead of pursuing long mileage pure electric, more batteries, waste of energy, increased emissions, and increased disposal of waste batteries.

There are four specific measures to improve safety and adhere to the purpose of energy conservation and emission reduction. The first is that points are linked to energy saving and emission reduction, and further decoupled from pure electric vehicle mileage. The second is the miniaturization of pure electric vehicles, which encourages the development of low-speed vehicles. The battery depends on the market. The third is the development of range-programming technology and the use of various electric vehicles. The fourth is the development of fast-charge and cheap lithium iron phosphate batteries or battery capacitors. Our company also has Electric Vacuum Pump Kit on sale, welcome to consult.