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  • EV Brake Assist System

EV Brake Assist System

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- Electric Vehicle  

- Electric Trucks,

- Electric Tour Bus,

- Beach ATV ,

- Electric Pushback Tractor ,

- Electric Baggage Tractor

- Hybrids Vehicle

- EV conversion kits

Components Included

- Vacuum Pump

- Sensor Switch ,

- Tee Fitting ,

- Vacuum Hose

- Hose Clamps

- Air Canister .


Tank volume3L / 4L / 5L
Flow rate40L/min
Maximum suction-0.09Mpa
Working rangeON: -0.05Mpa,OFF-0.085Mpa
Working currentCarrying idler≤4.5A, Loading idler≤3A

A brake booster is an enhanced master cylinder setup used to reduce the amount of pedal pressure needed for braking. It employs a booster set up to act with the master cylinder to give higher hydraulic pressure to the brakes and/or lower force applied on the brake pedal through a brake booster push-rod. The brake booster usually uses vacuum from the engine intake to boost the force applied by the pedal onto the master cylinder or may employ an extra vacuum pump to enable it. Without the engine running the brake pedal feels very hard and ineffective on the braking capability. An "active" booster is a non "conventional" booster where a solenoid is used to open the booster air valve to automatically push the master cylinder forward to perform some forms of dynamic stability control. Brake boosters come in either a single diaphragm or tandem diaphragm (which is generally used for bigger vehicles and trucks). They can be "cabin-breathers" (taking clean filtered air from inside the cabin thus may be noisier) or "engine-breathers" (less noisy but more at risk for becoming clogged with mud/ice if not protected properly).

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Product Feature

- Good Durability

- Low Noise

- Maintenance-Free

- High Efficiency  


Vacuum Brake Booster Kits (Vacuum Brake Booster System ) VBBS