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  • EV Brake Booster System

EV Brake Booster System

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- Electric Vehicle  

- Electric Trucks,

- Electric Tour Bus,

- Beach ATV ,

- Electric Pushback Tractor ,

- Electric Baggage Tractor

- Hybrids Vehicle

- EV conversion kits

Components Included

- Vacuum Pump

- Sensor Switch ,

- Tee Fitting ,

- Vacuum Hose

- Hose Clamps

- Air Canister .


Tank volume3L / 4L / 5L/6L
power 60 W
Flow rate60L/min
Maximum suction-0.085Mpa
Working rangeON: -0.05Mpa,OFF-0.08Mpa
Working currentCarrying idler≤6A, Loading idler≤4A

refers to the mechanical device in the context of a brake power booster or vehicular braking-system assist. The term "vacuum servo" is actually a generic term for any device which uses a vacuum to amplify/boost the mechanical effort of a device by use of a vacuum in an assisting chamber, either attached to the input or output, or placed between the input and output. In a Vacuum brake servo, the unit is placed between the brake pedal and the hydraulic master cylinder, using stored vacuum to amplify the drivers pedal efforts, giving a greater braking force.The term "vacuum servo" can sometimes be mis-translated in vehicle engineering terms, to "vacuum operated valve" whereby a device is controlled, either switched or proportionally, by the use of vacuum. This device can be readily seen in modern off-road vehicles to engage 4WD and differential locks, and in older vehicles fitted with vacuum controlled servo motor cruise control.A brake booster is used on virtually all vehicles which use hydraulic brakes for their primary braking circuit. Vacuum servos are not used on vehicles which use cables, rods (or other mechanical linkages), or pressurized air systems for their primary brake circuits.

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Product Feature

- Good Durability

- Low Noise

- Maintenance-Free

- High Efficiency  


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