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Vacuum Brake Booster System

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A vacuum brake booster provides power assist to the brake system. As anyone who has experience a booster failure knows, the booster greatly reduces the effort required to stop the vehicle. Most brake boosters, have two or more chambers, divided by flexible diaphragms. The chamber is normally steel and the diaphragm is usually some form of rubber. They attach a metal push rod to the diaphragms and it moves with them. Vacuum, usually supplied by the engine and atmospheric pressure combine to provide the assistance during braking.

- Electric Vehicle  

- Electric Trucks,

- Electric Tour Bus,

- Beach ATV ,

- Electric Pushback Tractor ,

- Electric Baggage Tractor

- Hybrids Vehicle

- EV conversion kits

Components Included

- Vacuum Pump

- Sensor Switch ,

- Tee Fitting ,

- Vacuum Hose

- Hose Clamps

- Air Canister .


Tank Volume 4L -8L
Power<120 W
Flow rate60L/min
Maximum Suction-0.09Mpa
Working RangeON: -0.05Mpa,OFF-0.09Mpa
Rated Current10A
NoiseWorking Temperature                    65db(A)                -40℃-120℃

Product Feature

- Good Durability

- Low Noise

- Maintenance-Free

- High Efficiency  


Vacuum Brake Booster Kits (Vacuum Brake Booster System ) VBBS