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  • EV Conversion Vacuum Pump H-935
  • EV Conversion Vacuum Pump H-935

EV Conversion Vacuum Pump H-935

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Our mini Oil- free vacuum Pumps are mode with introduced international advanced technology,running by way of oil-free lubrication, distinguishing features of small size, light weight,good durability,maintenance-free. Low noise and so on. Mainly forelric cars braking power, home oxygen machine,vacuum packaging machine,beauty equipment,chemical machinery, medical epuipment etc.

               Paralleling                      Series

Flow rate: 35L/min                             25L/min

Vacuum: -0.090Mpa                            0.098Mpa

Power: 4.5kg                                       4.5kg

Size : 160x130x215mm

Weight: 2.6kg

Operating Voltage:220V/50HZ,  110V,60HZ, DC12V, DC24V

Noise :55db(A)

This vacuum pump is great for vacuum packaging, automobile reparation, and gas analysis. If you want, you can use this pump in vacuum freezing, medicine mechanism, and printing mechanism too. In a word, this baby works for any vacuum evacuations.

If you are in search of a Vacuum Pump for HVAC/Auto AC Refrigerant Recharging, you can rely on this HVAC Rotary Vacuum Pump by VEVOR. The set up is very trouble-free as this pump features a high torque design. The operation is also very efficient.

The design is very unique as it can stop oil from flowing. Sometimes, the flow of oil can pollute the container and the tubes. The exclusive design of this vacuum pump prevents the tubes and containers from getting polluted.

If the noise made by vacuum pump annoys you, get this one. The low noise will keep you satisfies throughout the whole operation. The cooling fan is added inside the vacuum pump that protected the pump from getting overheated.

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