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  • Electric Vacuum Pump For EV M-710

Electric Vacuum Pump For EV M-710

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Our mini - Pumps are made with introduced technology international advanced techonology, distinguishing fetures of small size, light weight,low noise,pollution-free maintenance-free, good durability and so on,mainly used in pharmaceutical, automobile brake booster negative pressure source,gas analysis sampling, instrumentation,gas-liquid separator etc. A complately realization of the maintenance-free, and the pump without oil,no pollution transmission medium,can replace the similar foreign products totally.

Flow rate:10L/min


Pressure: 0.14Mpa

Size: 130x85x70mm

Operating voltage: 220V/50HZ,

Noise :50db(A)

NEV's extensive experience in developing mechanical pumps proved to be of vast value in the design of the EVP. During the development phase, special emphasis was placed on reliability and life-span. After all, vehicle performance must be assured at all times, and the brake system, in particular, assumes top priority from in this respect. Other important aspects were endurance strength and performance reproducibility. The pump was required to undergo an extensive testing regime, including temperatures ranging from -40 °C to +120 °C. 

The electric vacuum pump is just as much at home in hybrid and electric vehicles as in vehicles with conventional drivelines. The objective was for the pump system to be barely audible when driving, especially important on electric and hybrid vehicles which are, by their very nature, quiet running. Since pump and integrated motor were specifically developed inhouse for this project, NEV engineers were able to devise cost-effective mounting solutions with no need for costly vibration insulation. In fact, the entire pump system has outstanding structure-borne noise insulation and low air-borne noise emissions. It can thus be mounted on body parts without causing distracting vibrations in the vehicle's structure.

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